Our Property Development Marketing will give you the tools you need to get your projects off the ground quickly.

Property Development Marketing that Consistently Delivers

We have a unique sales approach that consistently delivers, providing you with maximum confidence in the ROI on your property development project.

Partner with the network that is experienced in property development marketing and delivers sales.

Property Presales Expertise

We understand how important presales is for your development.

Location Property Group is your ideal partner to move stock and get your finance and construction underway rapidly.

Our extensive experience means we’re able to provide invaluable market feedback on the design and pricing of a proposed development.

This greatly improves the sales process enabling you to bank on an increased level of success.

Property Sales – A Unique Approach

We will move your properties with minimal sales tools.

Our property sales are frequently based on a “follow the leader” approach.

Our directors buy a property within the development and the Location Property Group Network follows.

This unique method allows you to significantly reduce your marketing costs and focus on the construction of your project.

‘Leading by example’ not only instils confidence in new buyers but furthermore creates repeat customers for subsequent development projects.

Connecting People with Properties

The Location Property Group Network is a powerful and growing database of over 2,000 active investors and high net worth individuals.

By understanding the needs of these individuals, we can demonstrate how investment in your development will help them achieve their wealth goals.

It is this personalised approach, connecting people with properties – rather than the other way around, that differentiates Location Property Group.

Property Experts

Ajay Valanju

Ajay Valanju, Location Property Group Director, has personally purchased over 30 properties off-the-plan in the past 12 years.

He uses his extensive experience to assist developers in project design and pricing, then champions the project to the Location Property Group Network.

Through Ajay’s guidance, buyers are led through the purchase in easy, simple-to-understand steps and are empowered to buy with confidence.

Alan Yeung

Alan Yeung, Property Consultant at Location Property Group, has also invested extensively in residential properties personally over the last 10 years.
His valuable experience encompasses both existing and off-the-plan purchases, and his wealth of knowledge is reassuring for prospects and buyers newer to the market.

Through educating our buyers in the mechanics of intelligent property investment, we can often convert a prospect looking to purchase just one property into multiple property buyers.

This is achieved by explaining:

  • The strategic use of deposit bonds
  • Bank guarantees
  • Stamp duty savings
  • Delayed and staggered settlement – to maximise exposure to the property market while simultaneously minimising risk.

A Winning Approach

Our team are focused on negotiating win-win outcomes between developers and residential property investors.

We forge long-term relationships with all involved, building extraordinary loyalty because we work to ensure all parties profit from involvement in every investment transaction.

Your Partner in Property

We look forward to creating a sustainable, long-term relationship of wealth creation with you.

Location Property Group is at your service for your next project, and invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Call Ajay on 0413 338 853 to discuss selling your property development and to maximise the result for all parties involved.